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The Gold Standard of Stenographic Reporting

~ Realtime is the act of connecting directly to a court reporter via
your laptop or netbook in a deposition or court proceeding and viewing
the testimony INSTANTANEOUSLY as it is recorded by the realtime
~ Realtime enables you to SIMULTANEOUSLY use management tools
such as Summation, Bridge, LiveNote, or Transcript Manager Pro, to
create annotations, make notes, perform searches, and even create
 reports using multiple transcripts during the proceedings.

~ R
ealtime reporters ENHANCE the functioning of the judicial system in
trials, mediations and 

~ Realtime 
reporters can make a standard courtroom or deposition suite
in a matter of minutes.

~ Realtime is INDISPENSABLE in expert testimony in high profile and
mass litigation cases.

     Request realtime with your next deposition and experience what a useful tool it really can be for you and your client!

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